We consolidate redundant processes of decentralized finance functions to

  • Reduce Costs
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Increase Quality
  • Improve Consistency and Reliability

By also realigning all no-core related activities under one centralized unit, we will create an environment of operational excellence within your organization.

A glimpse of what we will do

  • Streamline Accounting to Reporting (A2R) Processes.
  • Increase the Visibility of Transactions, Journal Entries and Financial Statements.
  • Monitor Control and Compliance of Daily Deliverables.


ITX360 will create centralized processes offering significant benefits to the management and employees such as

  • Self-Service Options Enabled Through Automation Technology.
  • A Single Point of Contact for Employees & Organization for Specific HR Related Services.
  • Streamline Processes in Payroll, Recruitment, Rewards, Talent Management. Leave Management and HR Data & Analytics.
  • Fast Approval Processes.
  • Single Dashboard Visibility to Line Management.


We enable businesses to find the right goods and suppliers by taking ownership of their Backend processes. Ultimately, we create faster, secure and more efficient procurement processes to deliver more productivity for your business.

Our Service Offers

  • Procurement Governance
  • Requisition Management
  • Order Management (Procure to Pay)
  • Vendor Management (E-Procurement Platform)
  • Import Procurement Process
  • Inventory & Fixed Assets Control
  • Capital Expenditure Projects
  • Facilities Contract Management

Our Objective

Our objective is to give a peace of mind to the core business units in order for them to better focus on their competencies while ITX360 strategically takes care of the processes in finance , resource and procurement in our customers’ business operations.