Elevate your Business with Stellar Benefits

  • Automated Routing and Rating
  • Automated Allocation of Vehicles According to Load, Route and Cost
  • Visibility in Tracking and Monitoring of Deliveries
  • Improve On-Time Delivery Performance
  • Track and Cut-Down Unnecessary Transport Related Costs
  • On-Demand Transportation Model
  • Transport Consolidation

Offering End-To-End Transport Visibility

CargoTool enables your business to achieve the ultimate objective of real-time visibility for your transportation jobs with:

Early detection of potential operational problems and mitigation

Integration to any GPS platform

Mobile app support

Bringing the power of Mobile to Transport Management

With CargoTool’s mobile app businesses can:

Track orders in real time

Monitor vehicle status

Approve requests

Confirm transport jobs

Manage proof of deliveries

Sign on glass for goods acceptance

What is on Offer

Order Management

Ability to initiate delivery orders in an Enterprise Resource Planner or a third-party sales system enables a versatile set of options.

Delivery Planning

The Transport Management System will store delivery orders and create delivery plans. The system will be populated by delivery orders daily. The TMS will create jobs based on optimum delivery routes and details of delivery orders.

Vehicle Planning

The TMS can assign a single delivery plan to a vehicle. The system will propose the optimum list of vehicles based on factors like job details, vehicle availability, capacity and equal utilization of vehicles.


CargoTool’s GPS and Geo-fencing capabilities make it possible to monitor a vehicle with a job assigned to it in real-time.


Each delivery point will receive details regarding each delivery (such as ETA) via email or SMS. The Android App will display alerts regarding Pickup and delivery confirmation.

Delivery and POD

The CargoTool Android app syncs delivery confirmations with destinations. The app has the capability of photo capture and signs abilities to automate the proof of delivery.

Why Choose Transport Management Systems with ITX360

  • 30+ years of industry experience.
  • 100% customizability according to the needs of the industry.
  • Seamless integration with established ERP systems.
  • Zero downtime when releases are applied.
  • A dedicated team of diverse expertise.
  • SaaS operating model.
  • Mobile applications that extend the system.
  • Power of predictive analytics.
  • Future-proof execution platform.
  • Complete end-to-end solutions.

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