Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from ITX360

We bring the best of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to your enterprise

Non-Invasive Technology




Improved Employee Morale


Low Technical Barrier


We have internally automated 25+ processes with a lesser amount of bots saving 13000 human-hours every month.

Strategic Partnership with UIPath

As a UIPath Managed Partner, our partnership allows us to leverage on a unique service offering for our customers Bots-as-a-service. We offer our customers the freedom to choose how they wish to use our licensed bots and processes.

Pay as you go

  • Bots can be used on a subscription-based model or as a job-based model.
  • Customer is charged on a monthly subscription basis and for the process implementation fee

OutRight Purchase

  • Bots can be purchased and own by customer
  • Customer is only charged for the bot and implementation fee

Our Achievements

ITX360 & Expolanka has been awarded by UiPath in the automation excellence awards in South Asia 2020. The automation strategy used and the innovativeness of the process automation was considered when selecting the winners.

Our Impact

Pre-validations, Amendments and upload of VAT schedules

Extracting tax reports from the finance system, coping to Excel, segregating and omitting the records which are eligible for exemptions.

Uploading, Emailing and Voucher Printing of SVAT

Individually uploading details to the IRD portal (RAMIS), emailing and printing SVAT Credit Vouchers was time consuming, tiresome &  unproductive.

Receipts Settlement Accounts Receivables (Oracle E-business)

Automatic receipt set-off on oracle ERP system. Zero touch bot activity where users are emailing receipt details over the email and the bot settles the receipt on respective EO number.

Accounts Receivable (Debtors Follow up)

Executing, saving & emailing individual customer outstanding reports for 1200 customers was time consuming, tiresome & unproductive.

Accounts Payable (Petty cash and IOUs)

Automated petty cash / IOU requests, approvals, validations and reconciliation including backend data sync with oracle ERP system.

Customs Brokerage

Invoice cum Packing list document scanning and extracting the data to a database, validating data against the HS codes and populate the databased with required tax calculations and system upload.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation, Payment Allocation/ Receipt Matching against system records by examining and linking the correct details.

Multiple Report Compilation

Compilation of multiple customized reports was a painstakingly long and tedious process.