Coupled with the experience of our partners – Expolanka Holdings PLC and SG Holdings Group (Japan) – our solutions are tried and tested to deliver success by overcoming any business challenge.

We are backed by a team of experienced professionals with cross-industry resumes whose experience spans over two decades.

The wealth of our experience coupled with the access to great technology provides us with the ability to deliver best-in-class solutions that reimagine innovative futures for organizations.

Board of Directors
"We believe in a future where technology helps us work simpler and more productively, solve problems creatively, and collaborate for a greater human purpose. Our work is how we make that future happen."

Leadership Team

Hanif Yusoof

Executive Director and Group CEO - Expolanka Holdings Plc

Mr Hanif Yusoof is the Chief Executive Officer of Expolanka Group.

While being a founder of Freight and Logistics Operations at Expolanka, he has served as the President of the Freight Forwarders Association of Sri Lanka. Additionally, he is also a member of the UN/ESCAP panel of trainers for freight forwarding.

Having served on state consultancy groups as a business and industry advisor, Mr Hanif Yusoof is an acclaimed corporate business leader in Sri Lanka. In 2013, he was featured in the ‘Top 10 Business People of the Year’ list by the LMD Magazine.

Mr Saif Yusoof is the Managing Director of Expolanka Freight (Pvt) Ltd and ITX360 (Pvt) Ltd.

With over ten years of experience in Freight and Logistics, he harbours a passion and vision to generate extensive value for businesses and people through technology innovation.

His goal is to make ITX360 (Pvt) Ltd the preferred technology provider for both private and public sectors of Sri Lanka.

Saif Yusoof

Managing Director

Silmy Ahamed

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Silmy Ahmed carries over 27 plus years of experience in the IT industry with 15 plus years of senior managerial experience and of 6 plus years as chief executive officer at highly reputed information technology organizations in Sri Lanka.He has a reputation for achieving corporate growth and profitability through visionary leadership, strategic direction and ability to develop high performing teams

The contribution during his last tenor, he transformed the business strategically from product/vendor approach to a solutions /customer centric eco system whilst playing a significant impact on growing the company’s revenue and profitability ratio from single digits to double digits within a span of 4 years.

Management Team

Dilhara Ratnayake

General Manager – Operations, ITX360

Thiruvasagar Kesavakumar

General Manager – Sales, ITX360

Dixon Pereira

Deputy General Manager - IT Support Services

Samantha Lakmahal

Deputy General Manager - Business Solutions

Irshard Zahir

Deputy General Manager - IT Systems

Sadeq Mohideen

Head of Finance & ERP

Shamreen Assen

Head of Finance

Venuje Weerasekara

Deputy General Manager - Human Resources

Shamil Zuhfer

Deputy General Manager - Procurement & Finance

Why ITX360?


Our unceasing commitment to value-addition has resulted in us forging long term relationships with our loyal clients and partners that last for years. We proudly continue to serve our clientele as a premier technology and IT partner.


ITX360 is a flexible organization that can discuss and provide solutions for all businesses across every scale and industry vertical. Our team of experienced professionals are always ready to solve the business challenges of any customer who is seeking solutions and products from ITX360. Our versatile team is reachable at any time, to serve your needs.

Focus on the Customer

We are aware that each customer has requirements which are unique to their business. We treat each project with a unique focus to ensure that the solution delivered meets the client's unique business challenges with efficiency and synergy.


With over ten years of hands-on experience in the industry, ITX360 features a team of unmatched expertise in the Information technology domain.


ITX360's dedication to innovation ensures that no challenge is unconquerable, and no problem is unresolved. Our ingenuity has seen us being an industry leader in the technology sector.

The Value We Offer

  • We understand that every business needs to drive IT efficiency, benefit from the agility of the cloud-based systems and drive communications through the Internet of Things in order to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital world.This is where ITX360 steps in with advanced systems in information technology, which start from the basics such as Microsoft cloud solutions and ending in specialized solutions that fit any industry and any scale of business.
  • We are able to harness the power of a massive partner ecosystem of well-known international giants and connect businesses to gain access the latest technologies for any industry where we open doors for your business to draw the benefit of working with the world’s very best.Our teams have gained experience locally and internationally and in in-depth knowledge and certification on each product, we offer in order to provide our customers with the right fit and customized services for their business needs.

Accreditations & Partnerships


At ITX360, we intend to deliver the best solutions for our clients. That is why we hire the best talent available in the industry. We believe that when the right talent meets the right environment, great things will happen.

That is why we make it a priority to give you the right tools, the right environment and the right benefits, so you can do your best work and thrive.

If you’re interested in any of our openings and believe that you have what it takes to thrive, we would love to hear from you!

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