Our Focus

We deliver innovative solutions across a diverse spectrum of service verticals. Business Solutions, Logistics and Shared Services we offer are delivered through the care and expertise of qualified professionals with proven experience in the IT Industry.

ITX360’s innovative solutions will empower your digital enterprise to grow and reach the next level.

About Us

How We
Help You

Optimise your industry and functional specific processes

Use our technology expertise to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organizational processes

Develop customer-centric solutions that put the customer at the heart of your IT system

Make IT a profitable part of your business

Improve the accuracy, consistency and security of your data

Our Business Focus

Business Solutions

We rethink the way you can tackle challenges through innovative and scalable array of products, solutions and technologies that can work together or apart, whilst offering the freedom to pick and mix the right solutions to fit our customer’s business needs.

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Logistics Solutions

We provide a single point of contact to all logistics and supply chain management solutions through our international partner experts in complex supply chain solutions and up to date innovative technologies that can cater to any size and type of supply chain in a business.

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Shared Services

We provide solutions and services in Finance , HR and Procurement that can drastically improve operational Productivity by reducing repetitive work processes through automation , decentralize finance function to reduce costs, enhance productivity, increase quality and improve consistency and reliability.

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Our Clientele